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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

So it has been awhile again. We have been babysitting a 1 year old little boy for the last few months so things have been a little crazy. Scool is almost out, t-ball almost over and ballet almost done. I see a quiet, relaxing, fun summer ahead! We have done a few things over the last little bit. We ventured the tulip festival when the weather was dry. We had dance recital pictures taken. The recital is June 12th. Other than that we have been at home ore when the sun is out at the park! It has been crazy wet this year! We have had almost 2 striaght weeks of rain. We are ready to see the sun again. Our yard is in need of some serious help. We decided to kill all the grass and the level the ground and then start over but so far the grass is dead but the weather is soooooooo wet we can do nothing more. We do not even have a garden in yet! Some day we will get there. I did paint my second bathroom which was still the lovely wood paneling. I replaced the mirror and changed a few things. I t is a sage green with chocolate brown towels and accents. Nothing fancy but so much nicer that wood paneling! Other than that we just have had fun at home! The girls are getting big. Miley can't wait to be in 1st grade. She wants to be big and I don't want to let her be. Addie is as sweet and crazy as ever. She is in limbe. She misses the kindergarten deadline by 5 days. We are trying to decide if we want to test her to early start her. She is so ready and her friends are all starting, but I don't know if I want her and Miley so close in achool. Peyton is just peyton. She has a crazy curly mop on her head and a sweet goofy personality. She like to sing and dance and play with her baby dolls and cook! That's it in our exciting lives. More to come later!


Katyanne said...

they wont let us test soren. SEPT 5 as well. I have been researching and researching, and calling and calling. ugg it drives me nuts wish for only this one second we lived in california. deadline is dec 2nd there and they can go once they hit 5 anyway even after that deadline if both school and parents think they are ready. Here once they are in kindergarten they can test up to 1st grade but no test to get into to kindergarten early. By then it's already too late.. what a waste having to wait another year

New Mexican Youngs said...

Ok-so it's my usual 6 month or so check-up on blogs (horrible, I know), and I can't get over how old your kids look. Seriously, they have become these gorgeous girls. So glad to things are going well. Enjoy the summer!

Kristin said...

She misses it by 5 days!! Oh no. Poor Addie. They won't make any exceptions here. If you miss miss it.

I LOVE Peyton's hair. Very cute. I love it when you update and I can catch up on your cute family and darling girls.

When are you coming to the lake? Post pictures of your house!!


Chance and Beth said...

Wow, the girls really are getting so big, blows my mind. So beautiful!! Wonderful pictures. So happy you are able to decorate your house. So fun!Miss you guys!