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Saturday, December 20, 2008


Our little pater taters is 4 and 1/2 months old. She is getting so big and it is so fun to watch as she is learning so many new things. At her 4 month appt she was in the 45% for her weight and the 93% for her height. She is so tall. Some of her pants are 9 month just so they are not highwaters. She is a sweet girl. She loves her sisters. She loves the Christmas lights. She is grabbing at her toys and trying to roll over. When she gets mad she purses her lips and blows spit bubbles at us! We are so glad she is with us and brings a smile to our faces even when we are having the worst days!

Fun with knee highs

Who knew knee highs could be so fun???!!!

Deep Fried Goodness

We had a secong Thanksgiving on saturday after Thanksgiving. Justin fried a turkey as well as battered green beans and battered pickle chips. It was delicious and it was fun to watch the process of frying a turkey!

Family Fun

Great Snow Storm

The kids had a ball while they were all together making a snowman and snow angels. It was beautiful. I love snow at the lake! It is so peaceful and calm!

Thanksgiving cont....

We spent Thanksgiving in Rathdrum at my garandmas house. We had traditional Thanksgiving with my Aunt Vickie and her family. We were all recovering from the flu so I was not very good at getting many pictures. It was a beautiful candlelit dinner with great food and company. You can see my sister in law Hannahs blog for lots more fun pictures


We ended up going to Boise for a few weeks and as soon as we got there the birthday celebrations continued. We celebrated Mileys birthday with Aunt Jen and then we were able to celebrate Grandpas birthday with him! We had a great time and Aunt Jen (grandpa assisted with the cooking) made homemade doughnuts! Yum!

My Sweet Miley is 5

I cannot believe my sweet Miley turned 5. It does not seem that long ago that she was born. She is such a swwetheart. She is a great big sister (even though she likes to (play mom) her little sisters. She takes such good care of Peyton and her and Addie are best friends. I am already dreading the thought of her going to school next year. She is thoughtful of others. She is trusting and she has great faith in her Heavenly Father for being so young. She is a great example to Ben and I and we are so grateful she is a part of our family!We love you Miley poopers!

Happy Birthday Cont...


We had a great Halloweeen. The girls loved dressing up. We went to the goblin walk that downtown puts on in the afternoon. Then pur ward had a trunk r treat and then we let the kids go to a few houses in the neighborhood with some friend. They had a ball but when the sugar high wore off the were wiped out! I forgot to take pictures until they were wiped out! Can't you tell how excited they were. The weather was beautiful though. They did not even need jackets! Addie was the best. She is our candy fien so she thouhgt trick or treating was great. She would invite herself in and win their hearts thus ending up with twice as much candy as Miley!

Halloween cont...

Friday, December 19, 2008

We have returned!

I am back but be patient! I was out of town for almost a month and then came home to multiple viruses on our computer so it will take me a while to catch up - especially with Christmas around the corner; but I will get there!