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Thursday, September 27, 2007

So we found a house finally that is the higher end of our price range but by far the best of anything we have seen! We made an offer on it last night and will now wait. There is another family interested so he wanted to give them a chance to offer. We are so stressed out! Here is a question? ????? How tight do you stretch yourself to make the investment on a home? That is the question of the hour for us? What to do? What to do?

more house

more house

side of the house with the big porch. I was standing in the big yard
built in shelves in the 3rd small room. sorry it is so dark
this is the 2nd room. it would be Miley and Addisons
my huge kitchen:)

this could be our new house

this is the big yard
with a very little fire pit

this is the back of the house. to the right is the carport

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Miley at School

Miley in Art Class (this is her favorite)

Miley playing with salt boxes

Miley and her new friend Sydney.

Miley Starts Preschool ;)

I cannot believe my Miley is in preschool! She gets so excited. She picks her clothes out and gets her back pack all ready. I took her the first day and then rushed off to do some visits for Relief Society and rushed back to pick her up so it did not really hit me. I was just enjoying only carting one kid around to other peoples homes. The second day however, Addison and I dropped her off and came home to do a few things and sat down to be sad for a moment because we were missing someone. It is getting better. She is so happy to go and is meeting new friends. She goes Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9:15 to 11:30. I volunteer every Tuesday and they have a baby room that Addison gets to go and play in. Addison was having a very hard time leaving her sister last week. We would leave and Addie would cry for like 20 minutes that she wanted to stay with Miley. It was sad but we will be starting library story time with just the two of us and a few other things. We had a crazy busy week last week between Ben and I with our calling. Hopefully we will have a little more time to breathe this week. I was able to get a batch of tomatoes canned and a batch of mangoes dried in all of the chaos. Yes I was quite proud of myself. I did it while Ben was gone on a scout campout and my kids were awake. Yes I know I am superwoman;) I will venture canning spaghetti sauce this week and drying pears. So much fun. I know you are all jealous. What an exciting life we lead.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Addisons Birthday

My baby is 2! I cannot believe it. She is such a character. It has been fun to watch her personality emerge. She is truly a goofball and a spitfire. We had a fun little family party. Mom and Dad were there and Uncle Paul and Aunt Whitney came. We had food and presents and then spent the evening at the fair eating fair food and enjoying the rides. Our theme for the party was monkies since Addie has a slight monkey fettish. She also has an imaginary monkey that goes everywhere with her. She tells us all the time that the monkey is going to get her and she starts running. She really is my baby and it is sad and exciting that she s getting so big. She even moved into the bottom bunk in Mileys room and they are doing great! Even napping well together (fingers crossed). I went to put her in the crib the other day and she flipped out that she wanted her big bed and that the crib was not hers anymore! Now all we have to conquer is potty training and losing the bed time binky! I guess there is always something! I love you mostest my Addie bug! Happy birthday!

Grandma comes to visit

We picked grandma up from the airport and immediatly our adventures began when we carted her off to the Portland Zoo. It was soooo hot but we were glad it was a nice day. We had lunch, rode the train, went to the butterfly exhibit (which was a bit disappointing), ate ice cream, and left exhausted. It was a good day.

Community Picnic

Silverton is a wonderful community! They have an annual community picnic that is free. Free food and I am there. It was very fun. They had all sorts of crafts and games. A blow up bouncy castle, face painting, and dinner of course. It was very fun and the kids loved it

"Haircut day"

I was downstairs cleaning up dinner one night. Ben was at a meeting. The girls were upstairs playing. It was awfully quiet so I hollered up the stairs to see what the girls were doing. Miley yelled down that they were playing haircut day. My heart dropped and I ran up the stairs asking if they had scissors. Miley said "no mama we just tenden". They had set it all up by themselves. It was so cute! We of course had to call Aunt Jen to pass on the fun story.

Okay so I am retarded and I cannot figure out how to flip the picture of Addie when she went on the potty. I also added some pictures of our friends and also of me waterskiing. I know it is a hideous picture but I must boast for a moment. I have not water skiied in like 12 years and decided with much convincing that I would try again. I did and on my 2nd try I got up! yeah me!

We are alive

So much has happened since I last blogged I do not even know where to begin! I will bypass blogginb about the lake because it has already been done! Love the pictures and the comments. I will just say that we had so much fun and it was so good to see everyone! We really have an amazing family. After being home 2 days I was ready to go back. We have had some fun milestones since we returned! Addison went peepee on the potty! What a big girl. We are not being too strategic yet, just going with the flow and what she wants to do. I was so proud of her. She sits there and tells me "its coming mama, its coming". Maybe a little gross but it is so cute with her little lisp.

We also had friends from Moscow come and stay with us for a weekend. They came specifically for us which was fun! They have 3 little girls and they play really well with our girls. The boys felt a little outnumbered, so they got up Saturday morning and went clamming at the ocean. All of us girls met up with them a little later and spent the afternoon in Lincoln City playing on the beach and enjoying lunch. Then Rachael and I spent the evening shopping. Who can beat a day like that! We had a great time and were so glad they came to visit us!