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Sunday, September 28, 2008

fun hair day

I saw this fun hair do on my friend Lindseys blog and thought it would be fun to try. Miley loved it and Addie of course had to have her hair criss crossed too!

2 Months Old Already

Here is our little chubba wub. Peyton is 2 months old. I cannot believe it! She had our appointment and these are her stats:
weight: 11 lbs (70%)
height: 23 3/4 inches (95%)
head: 15 1/4 inches (70%)
She is coming out of her fussy stage. She is learning lots of new things. Our favorites are smiling and spit bubbles. She is constantly blowing spit bubbles!

Canning Craze

We have been going crazy with the canning at our house. We canned 60 pints of applesauce, 30 quarts of tomatoes, 14 pints of green beans, and we have done 2 batches of freezer corn. The girls had a lot of fun peeling tomatoes. I was surprised at what good helpers they were. I love to look at my shelves and see all the yummy food and the fruit of our labors.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Table

Bens dad does a lot of woodworking and he made us this table. We found one that we liked at pottery barn and took lots of pictures and sent them to him and he made it for us. It is beautiful. He did a great job. It is made out of solid walnut. I love the legs and that the color is so warm. The end pull out and we have two leaves that we can slide in. I am so excited to have a big table. Now we need to find chairs to match but for now we will take one thing at a time!

This picture the table looks more yellow than it really is.

I love the legs on the table. This is more the real color.

Peytons photo shoot

Peyton is starting to smile more and more each day! Mornings are definately her happy time. The girls are loving that she will respond to them now when they talk to her. As she gets bigger, I think she is looking more like Addison but we will see!

Peytons photo shoot cont...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Beach Fun

Bens parents came for a long weekend to visit and we have had a great time with them. We took them to our favorite place "the farm" and we went to the ocean. We decided to go up North a bit and went to Tillamook. We had a little tour of the cheese factory and then enjoyed some ice cream. I had my camera but I am still adjusting to dealing with 3 kids out and about and trying to take a picture can sometimes throw me over the edge! Anyways we had fun there and then we headed up towards Oceanside and played on the beach. The girls nad grandma found some seashells. Daddy built a sandcastle with them and they found another little girl there to be their friend. Daddy showed them all how to dig their feet into the sand. Addie figured it out just as a wave came in and the wave knocked her over. The picture is of Ben carrying her out and then her running to us to get fried off, She was drenched. Fun times were had at the beach!

playing on the beach

family beach pictures

making huckleberry ice cream

Grandma and Grandpa Smith came to visit and brought lots of yummy goodness with them. HUCKLEBERRIES rom Montana. We made the yummiest homemade ice cream and the girls had a ball helping to add the salt and the ice to keep it cold! Thanks grandma and grandpa.

Peytons Blessing

It was so great to have family here for the blessing. My older brother Justin and his wife Hannah and their kids Grace, haylee, and Gavin. My sister Jen and her little boy Jackson. My grandparents and all the great grandkids. My Uncle Lynn. My parents and my brother Paul and his wife Whitney! Thanks to everyone for making the trek and for the fun weekend! We love you!

One of her presents was a mini trampoline. She was so excited to start jumping so daddy got started setting it up. How many adult men does it take to set up a tramp? Apparently quite a few!:)

Addisons 3rd Birthday

Addie had so much fun with her family around her for her birthday! It is so fun when they start to understand what a birthday is and get excited for it. She decided she wanted a cake with a pink flower and a rainbow. She had a great time and got to open lots of fun presents.

So many things to blog about and I have seemed to make every excuse not to do it! Over Labor Day weekend we blessed Peyton and we celebrated Addisons 3rd birthday with all of our family in town. We had a great time with grandma, grandpa, great grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins!