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Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Ice cream shoppe tradition

Fun at the lake cont...

Aunt Jen gave Peyton her first haircut! What could be better than sitting in the lake eating popsicles. Poor Addie was so tired and afraid to sleep upstairs that she turned on the hall light and crashed in the hall!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My baby turns "1"

I am not sure when this happened. Probably while all the other chaos has been going on. I know that 1 is still a baby but it seems so big from what she was just a year ago. She is a sweet girl. She is a mix of her sisters in so many ways. She is independant and persistent. She is loving and smiley! She loves to cuddle. She can walk but won't if anyone is paying any attention to her. She is a goofy girl who brings lots of smiles and peace toour family! We love our little pater taters!


So we were on our way home from Montana on the 5th of July. We decided to break the trip up and stay over in Coeurdalene at my grandmas house. We got in late slept and got up early to hit the road. It was a long drive home. We had a very emotional trip with Miley. She was sooo thirsty and then was peeing every 45 minutes. We were stopping so much. We finally cut off all liquid which made her sob because she was so thirsty. We were not very kind - we were trying to get Ben to work and we were apparently very ignorant. She was still having to pee even with no drinks. We eventually got home and she was still peeing a lot. I thought to call the dr thinking it was a bladder infection or something and never dis. Then Wednesday she wet the bed. She did it 3 nights in a row. She has not wet the bed in over 3 years. In fact one night, she went potty, we read scriptures, she went potty again and within an hour of being in bed she was wet again from her shoulders to her waist. I took her in on saturday morning still somewhat oblivious and they diagnosed her with type 1 Diabetes. Her blood sugar was 537 (normal for her being 80-180) So they sent us up to Emmanuel Choldrens Hospital for the next 3 days. It was horrible at first. Miley is phobic of needles so it would take one of us to hold her down and the other to give the shot. Now she is a pre. It has been an adjustment but we have lots of help from family and friends! We would not survive without them! Miley checks her own blood sugar now 5 times a day and has insulin shots at breakfast and dinner. She is very brave and we are so proud of her for being the big girl that she is!

Montana Adventures

We were able to spend about 8 days in Kalispell over the 4th of July for a family reunion. We had a great time. There was swimming, hiking, canoeing, sleeping on the tramp, fireworks, birthday parties, and lots of playing with cousins! We had a wonderful time!