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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lucky little leprechaun

Happy ST. Patricks day! We copied and idea from my cousin Kristin to set a trap to catch a leprechaun. When I told the kids what we were going to do they wre totally into it. Addie was a little freaked out at what a leprechan was so I told her they were nice little magical people that we wanted to catch because they would grant us wishes! We made our trap and found the shiniest pennies to put in since they like shiny things. This morning they came down to our house in shambles. Chairs were turned upside down and in the sink. We found Mixie the fish on the stove to be cooked. We found green pee in the toilet where they apparently had to take care of some business and a little note in the trap that said - hahaha you can't catch me! The girls were all to excited and wondered if they would see them today but I assured them that when the sun comes out thet travel home to Greenland to sleep! I attempted to make green shamrock pancakes but was informed by Addie that they looked more like a duck so we had green duck pancakes apparently! Have a lucky day everyone. Also Happy Birthday to our favorite little Jackson! He turns 3 today and we wish we could celebrate with you!

Big time owie and lesson learned

We have been trying to work with Addison on sitting down at the table to eat. She has the hardest time with this. She is always standing up. We have been telling her that it is not safe. We hopefully lesson learned. She was standing last night and slipped and fell hitting her lip. She totally split the little thing that connects your lip and your gum and then has a lovely fat black bottom lip. No loose teeth so that is good! We will see how lunch goes today!


Surprise! Surprise! We were all sick a few weeks ago so all we did was lounge and watch movies. Peyton wanted to be held 24/7 and there were some basic tasks that had to be done so this is how we functioned. She would not lay down to sleep so we kept her in the sling and she loved it! Addie was being our Strawberry Shortcake Berry Princess! Can't you tell!

A first for Peyton

The first on is Aunt Jen and the babies. But the following are of Peyton in the new baby swing we got for the swing set. She loves her swing in the house but when she was put in the one outside we had squels and giggles from her. She is a happy camper outside (I wonder where she gets that from). Now if we could get some more nice weather to play in that would be great!

Movies in the Fort

All of our ducks in a row!

Birthdays! Birthdays! Birthdays!

It has been a long time since our whole family has been together (long for our family I should say!). We seized the opportunity with 5 birthdays that all fall within 3 weeks of one another 6 if we could have had grandma hebdon with us. We had a great weekend. Lots of food and games and late nights. A few of the favs were speed scrabble (maybe verging on obsession with a select few), phrase pictionary, and guitar hero. This was my first intro to guitar hero/rock band. I was not brave enough but we have some hard core rockers in the family if you can tell from the photos.

A first for Addie

So Addie's hair is long enough to pull back in a "big ponytail" as Miley calls it. Addie was so excited to have a ballerina ribbon and hair do just like her big sister! So nothing to do with hair but this is an Addie -ism. Miley was telling me about a dream she had and Addie piped up, I had a dream about you mom. I asked what about me and she replied; about how much I liked you and I was giving you all the hugs and kisses! Gotta love those dreams!