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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Better Late than Never

So I am now posting on Valentines Day and the last little while! I eventually get around to doing these things. I have been a total slacker in the picture department. I cannot seem to remember it when I go anywhere. Anyways. I have a new Addison story (surprise! surprise!) Tuesday night Ben and Miley went to dads night at Mileys preschool. Addie and I were hanging out. I started to clean up the kitchen and Addison was spinning away on her sit and spin in the kitchen with me. She was spinning for a good 10 minutes straight when she stood up took a huge drink of rootbeer and puked it all right back up. She was totally baffled and could not understand how her soda ended up on the floor. She is totally obsessed with her sit and spin. I sometimes wonder if it is good for her with the amount that she likes to spin.
We had a great V-Day! We had pink heart shaped pancakes (something my mom instilled and I try to pass on! my girls love it - thanks mom). Then we went to Mileys school. They had a Valentines tea party and exchanged valentines which was fun. Then we went off to lunch with Ben which was fun and then off to a church meeting. I laid the girls down for naps and surprised them with a little treat of a mylar balloon and a treat (also something mom used to do:) ) And started dinner. We grilled ribeye steak and had english roasted potatoes and fresh veggies. Ben surprised us all with a little sweet treat and me with red and white tulips. I loved them and they are still beautiful. I do not always love the traditional flowers! Then we all snuggled up in bed to watch Barbie Island Princess (the girls new movie from grandma and grandpa)! We had a fun day with the family and no busy crowds!
We have not had much exciting happen. Same-o same-o. Life is good. The sun has been out and the weather has been beautiful! We are enjoying the parks and the outdoors as much as we can while the weather is good!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Valentines Cookies

This is about as festive as we have gotten this year. We decided to make and decorate cookies. I love the looks of concentration on their faces along with the post nap hairdos and no pants.


So, we had a wonderful day at OMSI. It was nice to spend time as a family doing something fun. The weather was beautiful. We had a picnic lunch and then after OMSI came home and grilled burgers and made homemade french fries, Healthy I know but it was so yummy!. The girls even missed their naps and they were still troopers. I especially loved the goggles in this post. We went into a cool chemistry lab and goggles were required. It was a very fun day!

The dinosaur exhibit at OMSI

The girls were not quite sure how they felt about the dinosaurs. The picture is blurry of Addison on Bens shoulders but the dinos moved and made noise. While Addie was right close the dino roared and Adiies eyes got big and she was trying as hard and as fast as she could to climb off Bens shoulders. I think she finally met her match! Miley was not too bothered. They loved the play things that were associated with the dinosaurs. In the 4th picture, Addie was about to throw this sand all over that boys head. She is such a bully:)

OMSI cont...

On saturday, Ben had his first saturday off since January 1at so we thought we would make the most of it and have a family fun day (a much needed one)! We went into Portland and went to OMSI, the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. It is a very fun place for adults and kids. They have a great craft room, my kids personal favorite. They had a station of homemade flubber. They loved it. We spent almost half of our time there!

Here sits trouble

Once again, Addie is our princess of mischief. I was upstairs trying to get ready and Addison would not respond to me so I went down looking for her. She was hidng in the closets where my washer and dryer were at with my candy stash from my church bag. It had all been eaten!

A day in the life of Addison

Welcome to Addisons world. We were eating dinner one night and I turned to help Miley. When I turned back around this is what I saw. She had done it all by herself and was so proud. These beans are not the only things she has attempted to stick up her nose. These were by far the easiest to pull out. Welcome to my sweet little Addie bug!

The Rains Came Down

Yes very typical of Oregon (or so we are learning) the rains love to come down. The day after we got the lovely snow the rains started falling. Our snowman melted small, small, small. iI have been trying to be better (in light of the muddy backyard) at letting my kids go out and play rain or shine, Mostly rain at this time. They do not seem to mind and it gives me a minutes peace to get some things done in the house. It is a win win situation!

Once There was a Snowman

Yes it is true we! I know I have no sympathy from some of you that are covered in snow; but we actually got enough snow to make a snowman. It lasted one day and took every ounce of snow in our backyard but we did it and they even had a little left to attempt snow angels. They loved it.

Horse Cake

These are more for the family. I had auctioned at a Relief Society Auction to bake a decorate a childs b-day cake and they wnted a horse. I have never done a horse so this is what is turned out like. Simple but cute.

Dress Up Fun

It is always fun to see the girls in their crazy dress up creations! The one of Addison in the hat, they were dancing with each other. It was very cute. The hat Addison is wearing is one I made for a halloween costume for Miley when she was not quite a year old. It is Addies favorite thing to put on!