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Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I finally took my camera and got some pictures!We had a very nice Easter. We celebrated over a few days. We did miss being up at my grandmas in North Idaho where we have gone for Easter the last few years. We missed the annual who can throw the hard boiled easter egg the furthest into the lake:)! However we enjoyed the festivities here and still had the chance to be around family. Saturday we ventured two different egg hunts. The girls are at such a fun age. They were both so into it! Miley stood there in awe for a minute at all of the eggs and the other people. By the 2nd one she had caught on to the fact that we got fun stuff in the eggs. Addison was totally into the eggs and once she discovered candy she was really a girl on a mission. She is still bouncing off the walls with a sugar high! Saturday after our eggs hunts, Addie went down for a rest and Miley and Ben washed and waxed our car. It was in desperate need. We had such nice weather we had friends over to bbq and then we colored easter eggs. Miley was determined and Addie liked the sound the eggs made when she threw them into the glass of color. Thus we had lots of cracked eggs. Oh well!!!! On Easter we enjoyed the surprises the easter bunny brought and then went to church and then off to Paul and Whitneys house. The Easter bunny had come to their house too and the girls also went on another egg hunt. You can never have too many right! We enjoyed a great dinner. Paul and Whitney made roasted pork loin, scalloped potatoes, wilted spinach, strawberries and pineapple and fun cupcakes for dessert. It was great. The girls played hard and had a fun dance party with uncle paul and then we headed home leaving everyone exhausted! We had a great day and the girls are already excited for next year. We will be signing off for a little while. We are on our next adventure! Off to Boise for 9 days. We are very excited to head home and to spend time with family. The girls can hardly sleep they are soooooo excited! We will post on our adventures when we return!

Easter morning

Easter cont...

Saturday, March 15, 2008

We love Primary

So this morning we had a kind of lazy morning. Ben was gone at a campout with the scouts so the girls and I lounged and then hurried to get ready to go to a primary activity. We headed up to the church and I found that I could simply drop my kids off and return 1 1/2 hours later. They even said Addison could stay even though she is only in nursery! What to do with an hoir of time on my hands all to myself? I went to the grocery store. Silly I know but I do not remember the last time I went to the grocery store all by myself. It was heavenly. I love my children but it was by far the best part of my day (so far). Ben came home and that was pretty great, my kids had great naps and we are going to see the Horton movie tonight! My kids are so excited to go to the movie theater! i guess the whole day is pretty great!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Better Late than Never Cont ...

So this is probably a little late but as I said in the title Better late than never! We are having a baby! Maybe everyone already knows and I just like to think that I am great at holding back information; or maybe my family is good at telling people for me! jk We had our ultrasound today and the baby is healthy and measuring right on for the due date of August 2nd. I must like to be pregnant in the heat of the summer because this will be number three like that. WE ARE HAVING A GIRL. I think we like girls around here. Just my opinion but we do girls well! We are very excited and very releived to see and hear that she is healthy and everything is great! I will try and post pictures later. I did not get a CD so I have to try and figure out how to scan them and then post them. That could take a while because I am not computer literate! Anyways, I will post more later but I have lots of phone calls to make!