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Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Dresses

I know that I am the mom so of course I think this but I have dang cute little girls. This was the first time I was able to dress them all up matching and it was sooooo fun. Miley is starting to look like such a big girl and so is my Addie bug! Where does the time go! I love that whenever Peyton sees me she grins from ear to ear! What a great blessing these little girls are to me. It has been neat to talk to them about how fun all the egg hunts and parties are but that the true meaning of Easter is that we can live again with our families forever because of Jesus Christ! What a wonderful thing to celebrate!

Let the games begin!

My Addie bug made her mom proud by participating in a peeps eating contest. She was by far the youngest in the kids competition. I think she was is shock that she could really sit and eat as many as she could without getting in trouble. She was so cute and did so good at trying to not use her hands. She ate 4 in the 2 minutes! Go Addie. She won a little thing of bubbles and was so proud of herself and so excited about her accomplishment.

WARNING! Content may be graphic and cause one to gag or even vomit! As a part of the Easter party we had a peeps eating contest! Now anyone who knows me knows that I have a love affair with sugar! Peeps are no exception. They have always been one of my favorite easter treats! So a contest! I was in.At first I was the only girl and then I talked Lisa the hostess into joining me so we could show the guys who the superior gender was! I think Lisa is still cussing me out. We had 2 minutes and we could use no hands. I downed them 2 at a time ( I warned that the pictures were graphic - you should see the video) and I tied with an 18 year old young man. We both ate 12. I had quite the sugar buzz and am not sure that I will eat peeps for a very long time but I walked away standing a little taller knowing that I had accomplished such a great task!

Easter Party

Some of our friends in the ward had an Easter potluck/party/egg hunt for those of us that did not have family around. It was sooo much fun. We again had great weather, Good food and lots of fun. The anticipation on the kids faces kills me(j/k). Once they got to go they had a ball and even worked together for the greater good :)!

Coloring Easter Eggs

We had beautiful weather Friday night so we decided to have a bbq and color eggs outside. It was great and much more laid back for mom because I did not have to worry about color spilling on my carpet. It was great and the girls had a ball! Peyton enjoyed her cheerios and the swing. We have already passed on the tradition of my father of the famous "eye" egg. As Miley so proudly displayed - this is by far the favorite egg and is fought over when it comes to finding it! I love traditions!

Community Easter Egg Hunt

We enjoyed a little easter egg hunt with some friends on the Friday before Easter.