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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pumpkin Carving

We had our friends Travis and Lisa and their 3 kids Elijah, Rogue, and Alexandra over and we had a ball. First yummy chilli, then pumpkin guts followed by carving and then frosting cookies. We had a ball. Miley even drew her own face on her pumpkin that she wanted carved. The girls had too much fun cleaning the pumpkins out. Are they really my kids? Gross!!!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

making apple cider

On Saturday we were invited by some friends to go to her parents house and make frsh pressed apple cider. It was pouring, literally pouring down sheets of rain so I got no pictures. We were all drenched but we had so much fun. We went through the whole process of washing, chopping pressing, sifting and pouring into jugs. Now we have 9 gallons of fresh pressed cider in our freezer and it is so yummy. Anyone that wants to visit can have some. This is an invitation to all! Happy Fall.

The finished product

mommy and addies work of art - really it is
don't eat it - it is a work of art
Miley keeps informing us that her and daddys house is the coolest- yeah right
Miley and Addison casting a spell on their houses to make them haunted

Haunted Halloween Houses

This is the preparation to make thte houses. The girls licked the beaters for the frosting we made. Oh how they loved that. Addie did not really make a house. She ate and ate and ate until she could eat no more. It took the girls like an hour to fall asleep because they were so sugared up.

I know this is weird but these are mini chocolate chips that
Addie decided to put down her onesie after she could
no longer shove any more in her mouth. We found a
diaper full of melted chocolate chips when it was bath time:)

Addison and mommies haunted halloween house

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Pickin out Pumpkins

I have been tagged:)

I have been tagged for the first time and I am horrible at these things but I will respond because I know it is fun! I love you Hannah!

A~Attached or Single: Attached
B~Best Friend: my husband
C~Cake or Pie:cake
D~Day of Choice:Saturday - it is play day
E~Essential Item:a treat
F~Favorite Color: Warm Red, green , brown - earthy tones
G~Gummy Bears or Worms: Gummy Bears
H~Hometown: Boise, Idaho
I~Indulgences: food and shopping
J~January or July: July - the sun is out
K~Kids: 2 girls
L~Life is Incomplete Without:my family
M~Marriage Date: April 20, 2002
N~Number of Siblings: 2 brothers, 1 sister
O~Oranges or Apples: both, especially with a little salt
P~Phobias or Fears: losing my family
Q~Quotes: my mind is blank
R~Reason to Smile: my girls
S~Season: Spring or Fall - not too hot not too cold
T~Tag Two: Brinn and Morgan
U~Unknown Fact:?????
W~Worst Habit: cleaning
X~X-Rays or Ultrasound: ultrasound
Y~Your Favorite Food:Fruit, veggies, and candy (is that a food group)
Z-Zodiac: Taurus

The Corn Maze

Aunt Whitney came down and met us at the "farm". We decided to try the corn maze with Miley in the lead. Our first mistake was that we started at the end (it was not marked very well). We got somewhere around the middle and saw that we could sneak out so we did and ended up in the compost heaps for the farm. We were fighting Jackers off of the tomatoes and Addison off of the flowers with the dead bugs on them. It was great fun:)!!!!! We came out of the maze and they were setting up a hot air balloon. The kids were intrigued to see the flames shoot up into it. It did not get off the ground very far before they pulled it in but it was fun to watch.


We were lucky and thrilled to have a visit from Aunt Jen and Jackson (Jackers as Addie calls him). We hung out Friday night when she got here and then Saturday went to Bauman Farms. I think I should be paid to advertise for this place because I talk about it so often. We played hard. We went to the petting zoo, watched them make cider, went on a hay ride, ate warm apple cider doughnuts walked through the pumpkin patch. We were muddy and cold but we had fun. Did I mention it is near impossible to get a good picture of a 1, 2 and 4 year old. They are so wiggly.

Silly Addison

I had been busy making beds etc... getting things ready for he day and Addison had disappeared into her room as usual. I found her in nothing but a diaper , reading Nemo in the clothes basket. She is such a weirdo but we love her. She always makes us laugh. (don't you love the bed head:)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Our family pet

Okay, so everyone that knows me knows that I am not a pet person. I have no problem with other people having them I am just never going to be one of those people. ben came home from work the other night and informed the girls that he had gotten us a family pet. My heart sank as I shot Ben a look with my evil eye. He brought it in and it was a caterpellar. What a sigh of relief. We made a home for him in a large jar and the girls have been going on nature walks to find leaves for him everyday. They also named him Jake. He is now forming his coccoon(sp) and it will be turning into a moth before long. The girls are obsessed. They check on him multiple times. They are always making sure he has food and are monitoring his progress with his coccoon. Miley even took him for show and tell today. We love our pet Jake and I can happily say this has been a positive excperience:) Maybe I will have another "pet" someday.

Fun on the Farm

I am sure that I have blogged about this wonderful Bauman Farms. We cannot get enough of this place. They have all of their normal stuff but they have their harvest festival right now. They have a cider press where you can watch the process of making apple cider. They have all sorts of corn mazes and hay mazes and obstacle courses. It is great fun and my girls love it. They even have yummy fresh apple cider doughnuts. This was one of our fun outing days. The pictures of us coming out of the slide are from the kids hay maze. Addie could not or should I say would not go by herself so I muttled through on my hands and knees. I came out with a smile on my face and pants full of hay. I was a bit uncomfortable:) But fun none the less.

O the tangled webs we weave

I love this time of year! The leaves are changing the air is crisp. I love my room freezing cold at night and to have my big down comforter so heavy on me. We have had fun going to apple orchards enjoying the fresh cider and crisp yummy apples. I love the autumn time! My girls are anxiously awaiting halloween but you will have to stay tunes to see the pictures:). For family night we hung our spider web in our entry way. Though the girls and I were too short to help they were very quick to tell daddy where it went and how he should do it. Then we stood up top and threw the spiders into it. The girls especially love the glow in the dark ones. The first few times of coming up or down the stairs in the dark freaked me out a bit but we are used to it now. We also got the bug to bake (surprise! surprise!) Maybe I should say to eat baked goods :). We made this fun pumpkin cake and the girls had so much fun. I love that the girls are getting to an age where they are getting into the holidays. It makes me excited for Christmas.