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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Turning 30 and my encounter with "The Deer"

So I turned the big "30" on Monday. I had a wonderful weekend. Saturday morning Ben took the girls for a few hours so I had time all to myself. That was heavenly. I even shaved my legs:) Then Sunday I was treated to Bens famous scones for breakfast and then while I was at a meeting Ben and the girls made a birthday cake for me. We had a quiet relaxing family day. Monday was when all the fun began. I had lots of great phone calls and visits from friends that were great! The girls had a good nap. Then we were off to meet Ben at work. He had made arrangements for his coworker Eric and his wife Jo to watch our girls while we went out to dinner just the two of us. We had a very nice evening and then went to pick the girls up in Canby (about 20 minutes away). We visited for a while and headed homw at about 9 pm. We stopped in Molalla to let Ben pick up his truck. We followed him home which is about a 20 minute drive. There is a back way we can take into our neighborhood. It is a fairly narrow and windy and twisty road. We were probably 2 miles from our house with Ben just a little bit in front of us when all of a sudden in my headlight I see a big old Doe flying through the air over a fence. There is just the road, a fence, and a thicket of trees. So she came staight through the trees over the fence and into the front of my car. I did the only thing I could do and that was brake. I was going about 45 mph so I hit her hard. I am panicked. Ben keeps going right on ahead and I have the girls asking, "where is the deer mommy? Is she going to find her family? What happened to her? Can we see her? What was that loud noise?" I speed ahead to get Bens attention honking my horn and flashing my brights. I finally get his attention and he says " hey we have a headlight out" I replied do you see we have a whole lot more than that. We just hit a deer. You have to go back and see if it is dead." So we go back and Ben informas us that she is very dead and that she had a baby in her tummy. Then the girls pipe up she had a baby in her tummy like you? Yes girls your mom killed Bambi nad her mom! Happy freakin Birthday! Iguess I needed something traumatic to happen to help me remember the momentous occasion of turning 30! Our car is now in getting fixed. Thank goodness for good insurance. We only have to pay $100 vs. $5,500. We also have great friends who are letting us borrow their suburban while our car is in the shop for a week and a half. Thanks Adam and Michelle! Anyways It was an exciting experience, one that will not be forgotten. We are all safe and all is well. I joked with Ben that we are going to a white trash dinner party on Saturday night that we should have brought a chunk of the deer home to cook up and take (to pretend) to be served as roadkill, killed by none other than us!

Mileys Mothers Day Program

At school today Miley had a Mothers Day social! They had been working with their music teacher on a little program of songs they have been learning all year and it was very cute. I put a few pictures of her singing the songs. I cannot believe sometimes that she is getting as big as she is. Soon it will be school programs etc... I don;t know if I am ready for all of that. Anywasys it was cute and I thought she looked adorable.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

More Beach Fun

Adventures with our friends from England

We had so much fun with our friends Ken and Sandra from England. They were a couple I knew from Huddersfield. They were with us for 5 days and we played. We shopped and hiked and ate and ate and went to the beach and to Silver Falls. The girls and Sandra loved playing make-up and pretty pretty princess. We had a great time building sand castles and making motes. We had beautiful weather and great company!

Random Happenings

So I know I have benn gone for a while but life is busy. These are a few of the random things that happen on a regular basis at our house. Our backyard has been having some issues draining and with all the rain has become a mud pit and killed all the grass. Hopefully we will have this resolved sooner rather than later so we can enjoy the nice weather when it comes. Yes we are white trash and let our children go and play in their ran boots and panties in our backyard. Who doesn't?!