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Monday, December 31, 2007


We ventured bowling as a family. The girls had a great time. We had it so the bumpers only came up while the girls bowled. Even Addie had her own shoes. She loved them. Also for the record, I beat Ben (yes it was without bumpers) Yes I know I am the queen bowler. At least that it what I tell myself!We had a great family night.

Mileys school Christmas Party/ Program

Miley had their little school party at her teachers house. They made crafts, made and decorated sugar cookies and then when parents arrived they put on a music program with their music teacher and all the songs they had been practicing. Mileys favorite has been I want a hippopotomous for christmas. She knows every word. It is very cute to hear. Then Santa came and Miley was so cute on his lap. She even gave him a hug.

Christmas Preparations

The girls had fun this year preparing our goody plates for all of our friends. This is Ben and the girls making his famous peanut butter balls. I was surprised we had any the way they were being nibbled on. And yes that is our Charlie brown christmas tree in the background.

Miley was practicing her photography skills.
Crazy daddy and cute Addison. We just started flippng her hair out and she tells everyone that she is pretty. She is not our shy one. Her new thing is " I need some pace!!!!" aka I need some space:)

Cookie Baking Day

Our friends Beth and Chance have a family tradion where they meet at an Aunts house in Portland every year at the beginning of December and they have a cookie baking day. It is serious stuff. There is no sampling dough or cookies until there is a final count at midnight( the record I think is in the 5,000's). I have never experienced anyting like it. We only went for a short time as it is hard to keep little hands out of cookies. It was great to see them and share in their tradition. Beth nad Chance have become adopted Aunt and Uncle to Miley and Addison so it is always great to see them.

Family Comes to Town

We had a great visit from Bens sister Jen, her husband Todd and their foster son Malachi. We played from the minute they came to town. We went to OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry). We went to their OMNIMAX Movie and to a planetarium show and we played with all of the exhibits. We also went to Silver Falls which is about 11 miles down the road from us. One of the falls you can walk behind. It was great fun (a little cold and wet but nothing a fire and hot chocolate in the lodge couldn't fix). We also went to the Gilbert House which is a discovery center which has a bubble room, craft room (we made some great rockets), play room with dress up and an outdoor playground. We had a picnic and froze but we played hard. Then we got a sitter for the kids and we adults went to dinner and then to the Transiberian Orchestra concert in Portland. What a great show. They had lasers, fireworks, fire etc.... It was a great show and hopefully a new tradition. We are so grateful for family that comes to visit. We had a great time!!!!

Getting the Smith Family Christmas Tree

Thanksgiving Feast

So I finally decided to get on the ball and put all of my pictures from my camera onto my computer. So we have some from long ago it seems but this is how we spent the holidays. We decided to be frugal this year with money and vacation time that we would spend the holidays at home on our own. It was different but good to start some of our own traditions. We had some great friends that invited us for Thanksgiving and this was our feast. We had a great time with friends and the kids were totally entertained in their basement play room (oh how great houses are!).

Friday, December 14, 2007

O Christmas Tree

So this morning I am up in the bathroom getting ready for the day. My kids are downstairs watching cartoons (yes I do let the TV babysit my children on occasion). All of a sudden I hear a crash and a scream. Don't you love those noise together. I knew exactly what it was. Addison loves to sneak behind the Christmas tree to try and hide. Well she has apparently done it one to many times because I run down the stairs to see Addie standing there, water all over as I had just filled the tree stand, and my tree and ornaments all over the floor. What a great way to start the day! Gotta love your 2 year olds some days.:) The look on her face was quite priceless if I had only thought to grab the camera. i hope everyone is having a great day.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Yummy new recipe

I am obsessed with this new soup recipe I got from a friend. It is quick and easy and delicious. It may not be the healthiest but it is yummy. I am also not a big velveeta cheese fan but this is great. It is for Cheddar Broccoli soup:
6 cups water
4 bouillion cubes or 4 tsp chicken bouillion
2 cups onion
2 cups celery
2 cups carrots
2 cups potatoes
2 cups cauliflower
2 cups brocolli
2 cans cream of chicken soup
1 pound velveeta cheese
Dissolve bouillion in water. Add vegetables and simmer until veggies are done. Add cr. of chicken soup and mix well. Cut velveeta into cubes and stir in. Be careful to not let burn. Once the cheese is melted use your immersion blender or emulsiphier to a slightly chunky puree. Serve with crusty bread. It is my new favorite! I hope you enjoy!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Hussle Bussle of the Season

O how I love this time of year! I love the music, the lights, the cold, the Christmas trees and decorations everywhere. Even the smell in the air is a christmasy(sp?) smell! I feel very good in that my Christmas shopping is all but done but for some reason there is this overwhelming feeling of chaos still present. All the Christmas cards, the baking, the caroling, the visiting teaching, the school parties, the Enrichments still to be for the month. Why is it so hard to put everything on the back burner and just enjoy the time of year? Never the less I will press on and do because that is what we do. I am learning that no matter what phase of life things are always going to be busy and we need to take time to enjoy the everyday little things. The other day we were in the car driving and we were playing Christmas music. Miley started belting out I want a hippopotomus for Christmas at the top of her lungs. She knows it word for word. It was the cutest thing. They are learning it at school for their little Christmas party/program. Those are the things I am trying to remember instead of dwelling on all that I feel I have to get done. Maybe then I will not be such a scrooge with the other things and will look forward to them as the little joys that I get to experience each day! For now that is what I will tell myself. Please excuse my crazy page. I am trying to update it and I am not having much luck! Be patient. I will also get a few more pictures taken and will quickly post some fun Christmas pictures!