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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Five Things

Five Things

Five things I was doing 10 years ago:
1. Living in Rexburg, Idaho
2. getting ready to start my sophmore year at RICKS
3. exercising like crazy to fend off the freshman 15
4. having my wisdom teeth pulled
5. attending my gazillionth wedding reception for my friends

Five things on my to-do list today:
1. laundry
2. go to the free family movie with my kids
3. assemble new patio furniture
4. make dinner
5. blog

Five snacks I enjoy:
1. swedish fish
2. popcorn
3. Fresh strawberry/peach milkshakes
4. fruit of any kind
5. Tomatoes with salt

Five songs I know the lyrics to:
1. I'm gonna catch you
2. Little bunny foo foo
3. The itsy bitsy spider
4. I am a child of God
5. We are the dinosaurs

Five things I would do if I were a millionare:
1. Buy a house
2. help my family
3. invest
4. travel
5. travel some more

Five bad habits:
1. candy
2. cleaning
3. not returning emails
4. moodiness
5. falling asleep in movies

Five things I would never wear again:
1. side ponytails
2. leg warmers
3. tapered jeans
4. turtle necks ( I agree Kristen)
5. the ring that ties your shirt in a knot on the side

Five things I like to do:
1. bake
2. talk with friends and family
3. watch movies
4. play games
5. craft/stamp/cardmaking/scrapbooking

Five favorite toys:
1. stamps
2. bosch
3. stroller
4. digital camera
5. kids - they are my toys because I play with them all the time

Bonfire and Smores

Before the smores

Isn't she cute? and so innocent looking :)

After the smores! What a mess they were. Addie had about 6 Keebler fudge stripe cookies and about 20 marshmallows.

As a result of all the sugar this is what we had to do to keep them from bouncing off the walls. :) Actually this dog cage belongs to my Aunt Vicki's huge dog and the girls thought it would be fun to climb inside!

Mcdaonald Lake

Janae and Addie

Addie loved to sit on the beach and throw rocks. After each throw she would look at you and say "nice". She learned thta from her cousin Erica.

Miley was a little fish. Sometimes a little too brave for my liking. She thought she was invinsible with that life jacket on.

Addie and Isabelle going on an adventure

Which way should we go? I don't know! Which way do you think we should go? :)

Mcdonald Lake in Glacier National Park

We spent two days in Glacier National Park. It is one of the most beautiful places I have been. We went swimming at our favorite beach on Mcdonald Lake. We call it underwear beach because when we usually go up it is too cold to swim. We never pack swimsuits and always end up getting in in our underwear! Then one day we drove to the top of the park and got out and walked around and went to the visitors center. We saw quite a few mountain goats with their babies!
Erica and Addie were buds the whole week!

Miley and Kaelynn

Erica and Addie

All the cousins that were there!

Jackie, Malachi, jen, Erica, and Skye

Malachi, Talyia, and Addison

Dirt and chocolate! Addie's two favorite things to eat!

Water Fight

We just got home from vacation! We had so much fun I was not ready to come back. We went to Kalispell, MT where Ben's family is from. We had a few days that were just lax like this where we swam and played and barbaqued! This is Ben's sister Jen! She and Ben are still the big kids in the family and all the kids love it!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Real 4th of July

We spent the 4th of July in MT. Angel with our friends Dave and Mandi. We had a lazy morning and then headed over to the parade at 11:00. Then we went to this great place called Bauman farms that has a little petting zoo, a huge wooden fort and tee pee and then another little play area with swings and slides. There is also an orchard, a pumpkin patch, a nursery, and a vegetable farm. It is this wonderful place that is free to go and play at and enjoy the petting zoo. I am a slacker and again forgot the camera. However I remembered it after naps for the barbecue and fireworks. We had a lot of fun. We ate lots of yummy food and we saw lots of fireworks and lots of tired cranky kids. We had a great time and wished you all were here to enjoy it with us.

Happy 4th of July

Silverton does not have a typical 4th of July celebration. They celebrate Silverton days on the 3rd and have festivities and food and live music at the Oregon Gardens and then that night they put on a huge fireworks display. The thing I love about smaller towns is that there is not such horrible traffic. We left about 30 minutes before the fireworks began and found a great spot (almost too close - it was so loud and bright). We threw pillows and blankets and treats into the back of Ben's truck and had a ball and then it only took us 10 minutes to get home. Apparently it was 10 minutes too long because our girls were passed out in the truck! Who can resist a good mouths hanging open drool spilling out picture!

Swimming Fun

Such a lot has happened since I last blogged. We have been on a little vacation and have been playing a lot! We went to Boise for a week at the end of June to visit and play and be there for our niece Graces 5th birthday party. I cannot believe how big she is. I remember when she was just new. I will copy others from before and list 5 things I love about Grace:
GIRLY -I love that Grace is a girly girl through and through. She loves make-up and her nails painted and her cute little dresses. She is going to have all of those boys chasing her in kindergarten!

RIDICULOUSLY SMART - I love that Grace is a genius! She is going to be so great in school and a good teacher and helper and example for her sister and cousins!

ADORABLE - I love that Grace has such a sweet and caring side. She is truly the mom of all the cousins. She is their protector and loves everyone of them!

CRAZY - I love that Grace is silly and fun! She always has fun ideas of games to play. She has a contagious laugh and is always ready to do something fun and adventurous.

ENTERTAINING - I love that Grace loves to be the center of attention. Whether it be singing, dancing or telling a story Grace loves to have all eyes on her! She is very confident in her abilities and loves to make people smile!

Since I am a slacker and forgot my camera for the birthday party this was another of the many fun things we did while together! Swimming! We all had so much fun and we all got so fried (okay so maybe that was just me:) I peeled for weeks!